Texas Highway Safety Articles

The Liability Insurance Law – Be Responsible for Your Actions

The liability insurance law is a law which was introduced under the Safety Responsibility Act. It ensures that people are financially liable for any harm they might bring to others, as a result of operating their motor vehicles rashly...Read more

Penalties for Your Car Driving Without a License in Texas

Driving without a license is an offence in the state of Texas under Chapter 521 of the Texas Code of Transportation according to which all persons operating a vehicle on a highway should carry a driver’s license that is valid... Read more

Learn How to Drive Your Car Safely in the Rain!

One of the hardest things to do is drive in adverse weather conditions and the rainy weather makes it incredibly difficult for the tires to grip the road. Therefore, it is important that young drivers today learn how to drive in the rain... Read more

Government Laws and Safety Tips for Pedestrians in Texas

If you are behind the wheel, you need to be mindful about the pedestrians walking along or crossing the road. The same goes for pedestrians too. The complex mechanics of the car do not allow abrupt braking or maneuvering in every situation... Read more

How to Have Medical and Emergency Information While Driving

We never know when we might need emergency medical attention. After all, emergency means an event that you are not prepared for. But one should always try to be prepared for such emergencies... Read more

How to Get Non-Resident Commercial Driver License (CDL)

Having a driver license when you are travelling around is very important as you don’t want to be caught driving without one. In case you are not a resident of Texas then department of Public Safety May issue... Read more

Giving the Other Your Car Driver the Right of Way

Traffic safety can be promoted by following the Right of way and being courteous to other drivers. Sometimes your path will intersect with that of another individual. It is polite to let them pass through instead of quarrelling over it..Read more

Fees for Getting Your Car Driver License for Veterans

A veteran is a person who has extensive experience or specializes in a specific field or occupation. However, in this blog we are specifically talking about military veterans and the fee that they need to pay in order to get a driver..Read more

Driving Procedures for Motor Vehicles at Railroad Crossings

Driving is an act which must be performed with a high sense of responsibility. it is not simply about getting into a car and driving off at your own pace, rather it is about complying with certain rules and regulations...Read more

Different Tickets Possible for Your Motorcycle Drivers

Riding a motorcycle is considered by many people to be more enjoyable than driving a car, since you are more open to the elements and can experience the thrill of the open road. However, you are more open to injuries...Read more

5 Ways That Can Help You to Avoid Car Accident

The data compiled by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) revealed that in 2011 Houston had the highest number of crashes that mounted up to a massive 38,538 out of which 177 were fatal and caused death of 183 people...Read more