Privacy Policy & User Agreement

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This policy explains what information and its related entities collect about you and why, what we do with that information, how we share it, and how to manage the content that our products and services.

Student Data

Students share information with us when you complete the registration form which is required to register on the site and when they take no action on the site or choose to upload or add documents, information, or other content on the site, including resumes of limitation, letters, transcripts and letters of recommendation. To share the data on the site, such data of students or alumni can be in aggregate reports to State agencies, in institutional studies, reports or similar circumstances. Students and former students should contact their college or University.


You take the first step in building the bond of trust by sharing your information with us. We return our gratitude by letting you know how that information is used in your best benefit. The following privacy policy will guide you through the important questions about the kind of information that we gather from you, the way we use it, and the protection of your privacy that we rigorously ensure. All the information that you provide us with will be processed in total compliance with the following policy.

How we use this data:

Your information is used by us to: 1. Customize your experience so that it's perfectly tailored to your needs 2. Improve our website by taking a closer look at your preferences 3. Send you emails pertaining to your order or feedback 4. Improve our customer support and services


We will always hold your information securely. This means that do not sell, trade, or transfer your personal details to outside parties. To prevent unauthorized disclosure or access to your information, we have strong physical and electronic safeguards in place. While we take full responsibility of ensuring your privacy as per these terms, we ask you to be wary while providing information to the websites we link to. These websites have different and varying privacy policies of their own which are independent of our policy so you need to visit them first before you decide to share anything. You agree to our privacy policy by continuing to use our website.

Security of the web site

For reasons of security of the site and to ensure that this service be available to all users, we use software programs to monitor traffic and identify authorized and attempts to upload or change information or cause damage. In the case of police investigations and as part of any required to process, information from these sources can be used to help and identify an individual.

Security of personal Information can use administrative measures, techniques and physical to protect personal information against loss, theft and authorized uses, access or modifications. Certain areas of our web sites can be protected password. If you are a user of our web sites and have a password, you can help and preserve your privacy by ensuring that do not share your password with anyone more. Payments made via our web sites are processed in a secure environment using the provided software or other third-party providers. We take steps to validate periodically the information personal we have to ensure that the information is accurate and, where necessary, up to date.