Frequently Asked Questions

It is only natural that you have some questions or concerns about our Texas Adult Driver Education Course. Following are some of the commonly asked questions by our students. If you do not find your questions answered, fear not. Our customer support is available 24x7.

Is this course Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) approved?

Absolutely! The online driver education course for adults is approved through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) for the entire state of Texas. You will not be able to acquire a Texas driver's license without taking this mandatory 6 hour online course.

What is the length of this course?

This course takes about 6 hours and is mandated by the state. You can however, take the course at your own convenience and can either complete it in 1 sitting or by spreading it out over several small study sessions.

What will the Adult Driver's Ed course teach me?

The Adult Driver's Education Course will provide you with all the necessary skills that are required for driving in a safe and responsible manner. You will learn about basic road behaviors, maneuvers, traffic signals and signs, Texas driving laws, road regulations, hazard prevention techniques, and defensive driving skills to ensure that you and the other motorists on the road are safe. You only need to pass the course and give your behind the wheel test in order to acquire your license.

Will there be a final examination?

The Adult Driver's Education Course does have a final examination, which will have 30 questions. 15 of those questions will be about road rules, while the rest will be about road signs. In order to pass the examination, you will need to score above 70% and there will only be 3 attempts to pass the test. The online exam will also be considered as your written DPS driving license exam.

What should I do after I complete it?

You will need to provide course completion certificate stating that you have completed the driver's education course to the Department of Public Safety in the state of Texas. There will also be a driving skills test at the DPS and it is mandatory for all drivers who want a driving license.

Is the Course completion certificate printable?

The DPS doesn't accept any Fax, email or printouts, and will only accept the certificate that is provided by us. We will send it to your home. If you want the certificate faster, you can choose from one of the expedited shipping options you will find in the sign up page.

If I am above 25, can I still take this course?

If you are above 25 years old, this course is not mandatory for you. However, it is considered to be easier if you take the Adult Driver's Education course, since this course replaces the written exam at the DPS, which makes it easier to acquire your Texas driver's license.

Will any help be provided?

Yes, a support staff is online 24/7 and they will answer all queries that you have regarding the Online Texas Adult Drivers Education program, or about the essentials for getting a license. You will get as much help as you need during the 6 hour program or about the entire process for acquiring a license.