The Liability Insurance Law

The liability insurance law is a law which was introduced under the Safety Responsibility Act. It ensures that people are financially liable for any harm they might bring to others, as a result of operating their motor vehicles rashly. This law was introduced to make people realize the severity of their actions on the road, and to invoke in them, a sense of responsibility so that they would refrain from behaving aggressively while driving.

If an accident occurs while driving a motor vehicle, and results in the death, injury, or damage to the property of an individual, then the owner of the vehicle, which has caused the accident, would be liable to pay a fixed minimum amount under the Safety Responsibility Act of Texas.

The minimum amount of liability, which a person is entitled to pay, is as follows:

  • If the accident or crash results in the death or injury of a person, then the minimum amount to be paid is $ 30,000.
  • If the accident or crash results in the death or injury of two people, then the minimum amount to be paid is $ 60,000.
  • An accident that results in damage to property of an individual, then the minimum amount that must be paid is $ 25,000.

In order to comply with the aforementioned provisions, an individual must be insured against the Safety Responsibility Act, so that he can pay the amount, which he is liable to pay. To prove that you are going to comply with the liability insurance law, you must provide evidence of financial responsibility, at the time of application for your driving license and registration of your vehicle.

If any person is involved in reckless driving which resulted in a crash then they must provide proof of being financially responsible to the person who is in charge at that time. They are also entitled to show it to any officer of the law enforcement department.

If a person is unable to provide proof of being financially responsible at the time of the incident (crash or accident) occurs, then he or she would receive a citation from the court. This citation may be dismissed by the court, if the person is able to prove that he or she was under the liability insurance policy when the accident or crash took place, and when the citation was issued. However, if the person is unable to provide substantial evidence, then he or she will have to face harsh penalties, which may or may not include suspension of their driver’s license.

Driving in a responsible manner is the duty of every person residing in the state of Texas. They must comply with the rules, which have been laid down by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. People who drive safely and comply with the driving rules of Texas state, lead happy and stress free lives, as respectable citizens of their counties.