Different Tickets Possible for Motorcycle Drivers

Riding a motorcycle is considered by many people to be more enjoyable than driving a car, since you are more open to the elements and can experience the thrill of the open road. However, you are more open to injuries and accidents as well. You must keep in mind that just because you are driving a motorcycle, it does not mean that you don’t have to follow rules and abide by the regulations.

Since driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car, the rules for motorcycle drivers are mainly focused on helping them avoid injuries. Just as important as their own safety, motorcycle drivers must look at the safety of others as well, including pedestrians and car drivers. To understand the different tickets and fines that you can possibly receive when driving a motorcycle, here are the laws for motorcycle drivers.

Standard Headgear:

Any person that is driving a motorcycle, must at all times wear protective headgear according to the safety standards that have been set by the American National Standards Institute. If there is a passenger on board the motorcycle, then they too must wear the helmet. Failure to wear protective headgear while driving a motorcycle will result in a heavy and a driving violation.

The License Approval Course:

Any person that is driving a motorcycle in Texas has to undergo an approved licensed course for motorcycle riders. Without completing the course you cannot obtain a motorcycle license. Anyone caught driving a motorcycle without a motorcycle license will be subject to a heavy fine and a violation.

Rules for Driving Lanes:

All motorcycle drivers have to follow the same rules as car drivers, since motorcycles are considered to be similar to cars in the law. Therefore motorcycle drivers have to signal when changing lanes or lane splitting. Failure to do will result in a fine and a driving infraction.

Tickets Possible for Motorcycle Drivers:

There are certain driving rules that motorcycle drivers have to follow or else they risk getting a ticket. Here are some of those rules:

  • The driver must only sit in a frontal position, and is not allowed to do any tricks.
  • Carrying more than one passenger when driving a motorcycle is deemed unsafe and will result in a ticket and a fine.
  • Any package that forces the driver to take their hands off the handle bar is not allowed and will result in a ticket and a fine.

Other motorcycle driving rules that result in tickets include:

  • A driver may not pass or overtake another vehicle in the same lane in which a truck or car exists.
  • All motorcycle drivers have to observe the rules of the road and may not avoid any traffic intersections.
  • You may not drive a motorcycle on the sidewalk, on the exception that you are entering into a parking lot or driveway.
  • A motorcycle driver is not allowed to drive in lanes between rows of cars.

Motorcycle drivers have to be extra vigilant and careful about driving on the road, since they are more exposed to other vehicles and are more likely to get involved in an accident.