Fees for Getting Veterans Driver License

A veteran is a person who has extensive experience or specializes in a specific field or occupation. However, in this blog we are specifically talking about military veterans and the fee that they need to pay in order to get a driver license and drive in Texas Roads.

In Texas, identification card and driver license may be provided for free to a military veteran who has served in the United States Armed Forces if he/she fulfils the following criteria:

  1. He/she should have been discharged honorably.
  2. Are at least 60 percent disabled due to services rendered in the military.
  3. He/she is compensated by the United States due to the disability.
  4. Is not subjected to registration requirement as a sex offender.

Important: The fee is not exempt for commercial driver licenses.

To qualify for an exemption in fee the veteran must provide his/her documents to verify the status of their disability while they are present in the driver’s license office in Texas. If they are forwarding their request by mail then they must attach the verification documents along with their renewal invitation. Once it has been established that the veteran is 60 percent disabled due to his services to the armed forces then he/she will be qualified to use online services for a free driver license.

The documents that the veteran should present are as follows:

  1. A letter signed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on the status of the disability of the veteran.
  2. Official documents verifying the above.

Important: In case the veteran does not have a letter from the U.S department of Veteran affairs regarding the compensations that he/she receives then verification on the disability should be presented by the veteran’s branch of armed services.

Identification cards and driver licenses with veteran designation printed across the picture of the veteran are also offered by DPS to eligible veterans.

Eligibility Criteria

A veteran must have been discharged from his services honorably to be eligible for a veteran designation card. For this purpose a veteran is someone who offered his/her services in:

  • Texas National Guard (not Texan State Guard), including Texas Air National Guard and Highway Conditions
  • Marine Corps or Coast Guard
  • Air Force
  • Navy
  • S. Army

Discharge Status and Verification of Veteran

Veterans must present their DD-214, DD-215, NGB-22, or a letter by the U.S. department of Veteran Affairs of his/her disability status. The document can also be a copy of the original document but it must show that the veteran was discharged honorably or under honorable conditions.

To get veteran designation driver license and identification card the veteran does not have to be disabled. However, they will have to pay the fee for a replacement card which is $11 and has the same expiry as that of their current ID card and driver license.

Veterans that are eligible for fee exemption as per the conditions mentioned above will also not pay any additional fee for the veteran designation driver license and ID card.